A Photo Exhibition in Kyiv: The Story of the Displaced Through the Eyes of Those Living It

“Through the Camera Lens: Life in Transition Through the Eyes of Youth” is a photo exhibit unifying in theme and spirit the works of students, all internally displaced,  who participated in the National Geographic Photo Camp Ukraine in Kharkiv. The exhibit is going to be launched in Kyiv on 18 January.

50 photographs out of several thousands. All of the photographs were taken by the young people that were students of the National Geographic Photocamp last summer. The photocamp was supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative. The 50 selected photographs formed an exhibition that starting from the fall of 2015 was seen by the residents of a number of Ukrainian cities. The exhibit and its authors were hosted in Lviv, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Sievierodenetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Slovyansk. The exhibit received an equally hearty welcome from big galleries, city councils and small cozy exhibition halls. The photographs left no visitors indifferent. Who would dare remain indifferent at seeing a face of a child full of life or the eyes of adults full of expression – adults that have so many new challenges to face. The photographs that show everything about the lives of their heroes: here are their “new” old lodgings, everyday problems and small achievements, their pain and sadness and yet the striving to live on.

We would like to kindly welcome Kyivites to see the creative works that display true emotion, sympathy, character and connection of authors with their heroes that shows.

The dates of the exhibit are 15-30 January and it will be hosted in America House at Pymonenka Str., 6.

The exhibit is to be open with a small reception at 1 pm.

The visitors are going to have a chance to meet the authors. A presentation of other photographs that were made by the students during their participation in the Photocamp is envisaged (2 to 3 pm) followed by a discussion devoted to the photographs that make difference to the lives of their heroes. During the hourly discussion one of the authors is going to present her photographs made beyond the National Geographic Photocamp project.

4 to 5 pm even more photographs made by the students of the project during their work in the Photocamp are going to be displayed.

On Saturday, 16 January, 2 pm to 5 pm a master class entitled “Reporting Conflict in Photographs: Working in the Areas of Conflict” is going to take place led by photographers Yuliia Kochetova and Zorii Fain.

The master class is a Partnership between the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative and the Institute for Regional Media and Information (Kharkiv, Ukraine).  

Please, fill in an application form to participate in the master class.

America House hours:

Tu-Fri 12p–9p
Sa 10a–6p
Su-Mon closed

Please, be advised to bring government issued photo ID or an America House Membership Card to enter the building.


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