Communications trainings for CSOs: deadline for applications – 31 March 2016

International Institute for Regional Media and Information (IRMI) together with Thomson Foundation, with EU support, welcome representatives of CSOs that work with IDPs to participate in a series of communications trainings.

The following four coupled trainings are going to take place in Odessa (5-8 April and 17-20 May) and in Lviv (11-14 April and 23-25 May). First communications training  for the CSOs of the East of Ukraine took place in Kharkiv in February.

In Odessa the participants are going to find out how to effectively communicate information about their organizations to and disseminate it among different target groups and the media. They are also going to develop a strategic communications plan for their organizations and do on camera interviews, discuss the specifics of TV news stories preparation and instructed on how to make their statements attractive for variety of media. The trainers of the course are Angelina Soldatenko and Mark Webster. See trainers’ background below.

The training events in Lviv are going to focus on the algorithms of logically built communications. The trainees are going to develop messages that are “undressed” and look into the matrix of communications strategy for their organizations.  On top of that, they are going to learn about the specifics of work with different types of media, the causes of traumatic experiences of working with the media and practical ways of avoiding trauma. The trainers of the course are Natalia Kuzma and Taras Kuzmov. See trainers’ background below.

During the trainings in May the CSO representatives with trainers’ input are going to organise events involving the journalists that are part of Regional Voice network. The aim of this is for the trainees to practice their new skills and to find out more about the needs of the media.   

To apply, please send your CV and a brief letter to IRMI email address. Deadline for application is March 31.

The organizers cover accommodation, tickets reimbursement (bus, 2nd class rail travel) and meals.

For more information about the workshops contact Regional Voices project at:

(044) 498-51-75 or


Mark Webster is Thomson’s Foundation trainer and a specialist in media handling and strategic communications. Within his 30 years in journalism Marked worked for the Evening Standard and the Financial Times, ITN Channel and ChannelFiveNews.

Angelina Soldatenko, International Institute for Regional Media and Information  (IRMI), is going to cover the current situation around the Ukrainian media and tell the participants about effective communications tools. Angelina is a journalist, media and public communication expert and a trainer. She has extensive background with Ukrainian media, covering social conflict . Angelina has designed and developed training programs for journalists and PIO. 

Taras Kuzmov is a media expert working with Ukrainian media since 1992.  He started his career in Post-Postup regional youth daily in Lviv. Eventually Taras was promoted to senior positions in a media center, established by Internews. Since 2000 Taras has been working as an adviser for EU Commission’s Delegation to Ukraine. He co-founded and became head of “Khartija 4” (Charter 4) CSO.  Taras was part of Ukraine’s first independent talking radio project entitled “Hromadske Radio”, which he became head of in 2003. Has been Thomson’s trainer and consultant since 1996.

Natalia Kuzma, International Institute for Regional Media and Information (IRMI), is a journalist and a specialist on public communication and alternative education. Natalia was Head of Press Office of the University of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine. She also worked for the Press Office of Lviv Regional State Administration and Lviv Regional Council. Natalia taught  Public Relations to state officials in National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine.  Natalia has cooperated with “Sertse Leva”(Lion’s Heart) volunteer organization and “Tsentr Zainiatosti Vilnykh Liudei” (The Employment Center for Free People) based in Lviv.

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Regional Eye: Strengthening Conflict Sensitive Coverage in Ukraine’s Regional Media is an EU funded initiative, implemented by a media Consortium of five organizations: Thomson Foundation, Institute of Regional Media and Information (IRMI), MEMO 98, Association Spilnyi Prostir (ASP) and The European Journalism Center, in close cooperation with local partners.


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