Hromadske TV is Creating a Documentary about Ukrainian IDPs

Life-stories of IDPs from Ukraine’s East explained in a documentary– that is what Hromadske TV reporters have been doing within a special project titled “The Displaced” (Vymusheni). The project was launched in early spring 2015 and is still underway.

Within a long time Hromadske TV team, as Oleksandr Nazarov – the reporter – said, travelled throughout Ukraine and prepared stories about the lives of people that fle…d the area of conflict. Hot issues, outrageous stories…

According to Oleksandr, the project by Thomson Foundation and IMI was a good chance to use in the sense of learning during documentary preparation. That component also made it possible for the participants to cumulate and coordinate the efforts of regional groups. Importantly, the experts of the project helped the group to prepare for the shoots, discussing such essential issues as balanced coverage and professional ethics. Within the project the group had shooting sessions in Kharkiv, Odessa and Lviv. In all those locations they would find relevant topics and people ready to share their stories and experience in aiding IDPs.

8 episodes within 2 series have been released. 4 series are going to be presented altogether. The episodes cover causes and effects of people’s actions: starting from leaving the ATO zone to accommodating themselves at new places and issues of adaptation and interaction with local residents. There is an idea of creating a 30-40 minute film about the lives of IDPs. Apart from the episodes already presented to the viewers within the project the documentary is going to include some new ones.

Just to recap, three five-day seminars have been carried out for Hromadske TV reporters within the project titled “A programme to support conflict sensitive media reporting in Ukraine’s regions”. The project has been realized by Thomson Foundation (The UK), Institute for Regional Media and Information – IRMI (Ukraine) and Journalists’ Initiative Association- JIA (Ukraine). The project has been financially supported by the UK Conflict Stability and Security Fund.

To see the episodes visit “Mass media about IDPs” page on Facebook or Hromadske TV website.


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