Media Production Sessions of Hromadske IDP Episodes Have Come to an End

The final numer 4 seminar took place in Kyiv for Hromadske TV reporters within the project titled “A programme to support conflict sensitive media reporting in Ukraine’s regions”. 

Final stories for the episode have already been shot. 

The project of Institute for Regional Media and Information (IRMI-Ukraine), Thomson Foundation (the UK) and Journalists’ Initiative Association (JIA, Ukraine) fitted in Hromadske work process and preparation of stories for the documentary by its reporters. The project enabled the participants to travel to different regions of Ukraine, meeting the protagonists of their stories and improve their knowledge, skills and practices through the work with Ukrainian and British experts.  The project has been financed by the UK Conflict, Security and Stability Fund. 

– We have finished shooting for the fourth and final episode in the Displaced series. This number four episode will feature IDPs that are not only taking care of themselves but also trying to actively impact the current situation in Ukraine, – says Aleksandr Nazarov, Hromadske TV reporter.  – For instance, these are the stories the heroes of which are Refat Chubarov one of leaders of the Crimean Tatar national movement in Ukraine and People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Konstyantyn Reutsky and Oleksandra Dvoretska, who are volunteers and journalists from Luhansk and Rustem Skrybin – Crimean Tatar artist.

IDP stories are integrated into episodes. 4 episodes have been filmed altogether. The plan is to make a documentary to include the stories that have already been made public and also other matherials about the life of IDPs.  

According to Hromadse TV the documentary is going to be edited this June. For the same month the release of the 30-40-minute dicumentary is planned. The documentary that will dwell upon the destinies and issues of IDPs, their adaptation and life perspectives. 

You can view the episodes below or at Media about IDPs page on Facebook, or Hromadske TV website. 


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