Ukraine became motherland for different ethnic groups and peoples and as no other country Ukraine is capable of giving value to mutual understanding. It is impossible to reach without a dialogue. The striving for becoming part of European community adds new vectors. How do we live in global world and common information environment, how do we talk to neighbours that brought in a new culture, how to enrich our own culture drawing upon new experience? Intercultural dialogue programmes show how to prevent conflicts and resolve them, expanding the perception of the world. 

IRMI is able to offer, within its suite of activities, advanced support to organisations in support of intercultural dialogue, cross cultural communications, engagement with diversity and active citizenship. This support can be offered through the highly experienced inter cultural experts who work in support of our goals. Between them, they have a wealth of experience, including programme design, delivery and development, organisational support, facilitation, intercultural auditing, training and research.

Programmes participants not only learn about public communications, but also develop leadership skills and build on capacity to deal with civil conflicts and foster their resolution; they learn to develop partnerships. Moreover, they are learning how to pass on that knowledge to others.

Some recent activities:

  • Together with the Yevgen Kushnaryov Foundation for Democracy Initiatives Support IRMI carried out an international round-table on the issues of intercultural dialogue. The event was supported by the Ministry of the Presidential Commission on Culture and Spirituality with the participation and supportof UNESCO expert. The recommendations that were developed by the participants of the round-table were disseminated among the media, decision-making bodies and organizations and directed to the corresponding Committee of the Supreme Council of Ukraine.
  • «The Dialogue of Cultures and Modern Ukrainian Society» involving representatives of national minority groups of Ukraine as participants. The event was held under support of the Committee of Culture and Spirituality of Ukraine and with participation of UNESCO.
  • International conference “Democratic Society. Tolerance and Social Responsibility” with the participation of IRMI experts David van der Houwen (Netherlands), Raul Ramirez (US †) and Gie Meeuwis (Belgium).
  • IRMI experts facilitated the ‘Intercultural Navigators’ international program of the British Council. The Program aimed to train young active people from all the regions of Ukraine intercultural facilitators, support interregional projects.

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