An important perspective on media freedom and the role of the media in democratic politics takes the interests of citizens as a starting point. The norm of freedom of the press not only protects the press, but the public communication process as a whole, which includes voices from the civil society as partners in public communications. 

For the sustainability of democratic life it is important that different ideas across all parts of society are heard. Diversity and activities of civil society players are a sign of self-organization capacities and pluralism within society. At the level of society as a whole, civil society players take on important functions in initiating discussion processes about questioning government policies and enhancing the capacities within society for negotiation processes.

Civil society in Ukraine has assumed a more comprehensive role over the recent years to the extent that the problem solving capacities of traditional players have diminished considerably.A participatory and social democracy can be considered a prerequisite for peace. In this context civil society groups have an important function: they mobilize the commitment of social groups in the peace process.

Civil society organizations play an important role with respect to societal change and democratic development in a sustainable manner. They increase the possibilities for participation of all parts of citizenship, especially those not heard in elite communications. The promotion of civil society may thus contribute to supporting democratization processes, fostering human rights and solving conflicts. Hence, strengthening the media competence of civil society actors – which include members of CSOs and protest movements as well as political activists – to be respected in the media and to communicate in the public sphere is an important strand of IRMI’s activities.

Recent activities:

  • For many years IRMI is the partner of the British Council in delivering and facilitation of the ‘Active Citizens’ program in Ukraine. The Program aims to strengthen capacities of the young leaders – from CSOs, media, volunteer groups – to develop and implement social action projects in their communities. The most recent trainings within the program were conducted by IRMI in Kharkiv, Zhytomir and Chernivtsy in 2015.
  • IRMI has delivered number of trainings for CSOs in different regions of Ukraine to strengthen their capacities in Public Communications and media relations in order to enhance the dialogue with target audiences and participate in policy dialogue.

Main areas of expertise for CSOs:

  • Organisation’s mission, goals and tasks, as a precondition of its development.
  • Key factors of effective management.
  • How to organize the work of a team.
  • Who we are and who do we work for? How do we build trustworthy relations with clients and CSOs?
  • Media cooperation and social adds.
  • Highly effective and low budget PR-campaigns for CSOs
  • Using sociological tools when working with CSOs. 

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