Discussion on How to Establish Ties Between the Court and the Public

Do you know that information about loud judicial decisions and about this branch of power on the whole the public receives from different sources but courts themselves? That only 10% of court rulings, according to research results, are vendible, even though it is them namely that build the reputation of legal system? Why is that happening and is it possible to make the judiciary open and its work transparent? These and other issues are going to be addressed today and tomorrow… in Odessa by professionals that are to become a bridge between the court and the public – court spokespersons.

For Oblast courts public information officers two trainings are being carried out. Today the participants are going to look at legal and ethical bases of information activity and media relations, particularly, privacy and publicity and have a brain storm as to the setting up the information activity in courts. Tomorrow’s training is going to be devoted to the analysis of crisis communications and conflict management.

Training sessions are going to be led by trainers of International Institute for Media and Information (IRMI). The project is being realized with the support of USAID “Fair Justice”. Project.

For more details about training sessions follow our publications here after trainings’ completion.


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