Discussions on Crisis Communications and Conflict Management

A training for Oblast Courts Public Information Officers is taking place in Odessa. The training is led by experts of Institute for Regional Media and Information (IRMI-Ukraine).  A practical assignment has been accomplished resulting in an action plan for crisis for a court.   Now let us discuss the results. How do we behave if there is announcement of minelaying in the court? If the building of the court is picketed by the advocates of one side on the conflict? If the defendant (God forbid) dies under convoy to the courtroom? Or escapes? The participants are offering their ideas and the experts are giving their feedback. The session on discussing conflicts and ways to resolve them is to follow. Effective communications during the trial of a loud case. How do we meet false information? How do we inform the media of an emergency in a timely manner? How do we comment on the outcome of a case hearing? All those issues are not going to seem that complicated any longer. The project is being realized with the support of USAId’s Fair Justice Program.


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