Moderate Approaches to a Successful Career

What should Career Centers be offering in order to make the employment of young professionals -graduates of vocational education institutions- more effective? The All-Ukrainian conference on career counseling for all those involved in the vocational education was held in Kamianets-Podilskyi. Oleksii Soldatenko, IRMI expert, was invited to moderate the discussion taking on the World Cafe approach.

The interactive part, during which the participants get to develop scenarios and approaches, practical techniques, is probably the gem of any event. Suggesting and discussing possible changes to the system that is standard and not so flexible is always cool, it’s inspiring. Especially if the trainer only ‘leads’ to the idea, giving the participant an opportunity to go all the way to the best solution himself/herself.

Oleksiy Soldatenko, IRMI expert:

– I moderated the discussion on how educational institutions can cooperate with employers. The latter are very interested in getting onboard the staff that are young, professional, and motivated. Therefore, as the participants of the discussion rightly believe, employers should actively contribute to the development of Career Centers, offer their opportunities to prepare future graduates for professional life. As a moderator, I am particularly inspired by the fact that our discussion was attended by active, positive, caring people who already have their own position and vision. They are looking for real opportunities and ways to solve it at a very advanced level. It will be good if the Ministry of Education takes advantage of these proposals.

The conference was part of the EU program “EU4Skills: Best Skills for Modern Ukraine”.


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