Welcoming the Youth into the World of Journalism!

A student newsroom is going to be created in Kharkiv.

This summer an online publication is going to be established, led by Kharkiv students. The city with the eyes of the young, the issues relevant for the people and the society. Kharkiv and Kharkivites, human stories and current affairs viewed from a fresh perspective.  

Project titled “Students Newsroom” that envisages training the youth is organized by Institute for Regional Media and Information (ІRMI) together with Journalists’ Initiative Association (JIA). The project is being implemented within Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative (UCBI) with the financial support of US International Development Agency (USAID).

The project is addressed to students of all Kharkiv based higher educational establishments, irrespective of their specialization. The main criteria would be having a knack for journalism and being interested in the life of local community.

The establishment of actual newsroom will be preceded by a highly practical training course.  It is going to include sessions on professional tools and ethical standards in journalism, media management, legal bases of information activity and photo journalism. The course also comprises meetings with key Ukrainian journalists and study trips to Kyiv and Lviv. In those cities the students are going to look at the experience of local journalists and find out more about best professional practices. 

Program participants are going to be trained by experienced Ukrainian and international experts from Ukraine and the UK. Under their guidance the students are going to organize set up the newsroom and make their online publication.

Project authors intend not only to show young professionals how media mechanisms work, making the life of any community fully-fledged, but also introduce new voices and angles to one of the biggest cities of Ukraine. For that reason, not only the students of different specializations are welcome, but also of various ethnical backgrounds as well as the ones that had to leave their homes in Donbas and the Crimea behind to continue their education in Kharkiv. 

To participate in the program fill in the application form and send it to our email address no later than 5 June 2015. 24 participants will be selected. Successful applicants will be informed no later than 10 June 2015.

Project timeframe is 15 June – 25 October 2015.


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