How Radio Can Work in Digital Age: deadline 30 June, Digital tools in story telling: deadline 5 July

British and Ukrainian media trainers will work with journalists on radio and multimedia stories production in the field.

The Regional Voices project, funded by the EU, invites radio and online regional journalists to apply for a radio workshop on 11–15 July in Kharkiv and online for 18–22 July in Zaporizhzhia. Trainings are conducted by the International Institute for Regional Media and Information and Thomson Foundation. 

Radio production workshop in Kharkiv will focus on:

  • creating impact on radio: how radio can work in the digital world
  • classical BBC radio package and its online equivalent – storytelling through podcasting
  • radio reportage: the radio version of “show & tell” technique
  • telling the story with sounds rather than words
  • effective interviewing on radio
  • field work for an impactful radio reportage
  • adding effective visualizations to audio material online

Online production workshop in Zaporizhzhia:

  • news values in action
  • identifying top lines and angles in a story
  • developing a story line
  • the difference between print and online
  • multimedia in online news articles
  • digital tools in story telling for online content
  • developing a feature article for online

The aim of each five-day workshop is that by the end of the training each participant has a high-impact, balanced story on IDPs integration for immediate, real time publication, airing on radio and posting online. You may want to check videos from similar production workshops for TV journalists on Radio and online will have similar stories for their outlets. Thus, from the outset, with the support from international and local media trainers, participants will identify stories they want to cover, investigate them, analyse, interview their heroes, edit and have them ready for publishing by the end of workshops. 

To apply for the radio workshop fill in online form in by 30 June, Friday, and for online the same form by 5 July, Tuesday. The organizers will provide accommodation, meals and tickets reimbursement. 

For more information about the workshops contact the Regional Voices project at 050 323 14 30 or email:

About trainers:

Marek Bekerman, Thomson Foundation (UK), is an experienced journalism trainer with more than 25 years’ experience in international news and media development. Between 1990 and 2011, he worked as a journalist, producer and editor for BBC News in London, and since 2004 has travelled extensively in the Former Soviet Union countries and the Middle East on media development and training assignments. He was journalism education expert for an EU project to modernise media education in Ukraine in 2005-2007. Marek is Programme Leader for MA International Journalism at the University of Salford, Manchester and his research interests include media regulation, public service broadcasting, international news, future of radio, urban journalism, media in conflict resolution and post-conflict countries.

Angelina Soldatenko,  International Institute for Regional Media and Information (IRMI, Ukraine), expert. Angelina is a journalist, media and public communication expert and a trainer. She has extensive background with Ukrainian media, covering social conflict apart from other things.

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Regional Voices: Strengthening Conflict Sensitive Coverage in Ukraine’s Regional Media is a year and a half EU funded initiative, implemented by the Media Consortium of five organizations: Thomson Foundation, Institute of Regional Media and Information (IRMI), MEMO 98, Association Spilnyi Prostir (ASP) and The European Journalism Center. 


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